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With Alchemies Basic Plan

Basic Plan

Genetic modulation kit

A kit containing genetic-stimulating medicine along with tailored guidelines based on previous case history and a personalized diet chart and excercises . The diet chart specifies essential foods catered to individual requirements.

Experience a comprehensive approach to wellness with our program. We begin with personalized case assessments, crafting tailored diet charts to suit your unique needs. Engage in brain exercises that stimulate cognitive functions while creating a vision board to manifest your aspirations. Guided meditation sessions offer tranquility and mental focus. Our brain accelerator pills complement these efforts, enhancing your cognitive potential and overall well-being.
Unlock the path to enhanced health and intelligence with our Basic Plan. Tailored case-taking, personalized diet charts, brain exercises, and more await you. Start your transformative journey today!


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Basic Plan

/per month
For 4 Months
  • Personalized Case Taking
  • Tailored Diet Chart
  • Brain Exercises
  • Vision Board
  • Meditation Guidance
  • ConcentrationPills
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Premium Plan

/per month
For 4 Months
  • All Basic Plan Features
  • Brain Wave Therapy
  • Weekly Guidance
  • Parents Counselling
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Gold Plan

/per Month
For 4 Months
  • All Basic Plan Features
  • All Preium Plan Features
  • Genetic Taste Analysis
  • Genetic Diet Chart
  • Genetic Medicine
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